Surfing in France, with an accordion!

Armand Lassagne — Son Accordéon et son Ensemble
Some unexpectedly nice label art too

I found this little gem while I was sifting through crap in the Salvos record bin. It looked very 50s/60s, and I thought French accordion music from that era would sound pretty cool. I wasn't wrong. The track below in particular has a bit of Surfer guitar going on, it's really cool and totally bazaar! ENJOY!!!


Xavier and Abbe

Xavier Cugat / Abbe Lane — Self titled
Abbe Lane with Tito Puente and his Orchestra — Be Mine Tonight
Today we have a little Latin treat... Xavier Cugat was a well-known band leader from the 50s and 60s. For 12 years, he was married to singer/dancer/actress Abbe Lane. So this track "Nightingale", is actually taken from "Be Mine Tonight" by Abbe Lane and Tito Puente and his Orchestra but it's on this compilation album "Xavier Cugat / Abbe Lane". I really wish I had "Be Mine Tonight"!

Here's a test to see if I can upload tracks I recorded onto my computer, to my Sound Cloud account, then to here! Hooray, it worked!!!


Strauss Festival!

Carl Schuricht: Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera —Strauss Festival
I do like a bit of classical, but this was the first time I listened to Strauss. One track in particular sounded very familiar, like it came out of a Disney movie waltz or something.

If you can't tell, the main reason I got this record was because it was pretty... On the left, next to the cape, it's signed M. R. Zwolinski. Can't find him on Google. Anyway, it was $1 in a Salvos store.



I bought a record player a few of months ago and I've become obsessed with vinyl. I really wanted to share the awesome music I've found with everyone, because it's just too good to keep to myself. From amazing artwork to completely zany, cheesy music and everything in between. Soon I should be able to upload tracks from my ever-growing collection, so stay tuned!

I can guarantee there'll be music you've never heard before!

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