Sexy escapade...

The George Shearing Quintet — Latin Escapade (1956)
George Shearing is one of the few Space Age Pop artists that I've managed to get my hands on. It's not exactly the easiest genre to find here in Perth, but if you know exactly what you're looking for you'd be surprised what you'll find. I bought this one on eBay, as a part of a 12-record collection of George Shearing. Very nice stuff. Maybe I'll upload a track from another one.

I'll give a proper explanation Space Age Pop very soon... With pictures!!!

This track is called "Anitra's NaƱigo"

Yamaha Superstar!

Koichi Oki — Yamaha Superstar! (1972)
Now this was an unexpected find! When I saw it, I just knew it would be awesome. The back cover was completely ruined, but it plays pretty well for a $1 record. Yes, I found it in Vinnes in Maylands. ^_^

It's sorta like the Moog Synthesiser but slightly different. It still fits into the Moog category. The track is called "Summer in Shima". If you ever come across this baby, get it! You won't be sorry.

Narrated Noah

Sir Ralph Richardson — Noah's Ark with Sir Ralph Richardson as Noah and Narrator
I can't say I'm all that interested in narrated bible stories, but it looks pretty cool. I should point out I didn't buy it... Since I'd probably never listen to it.


Does this look familiar?

Stanley Black — Plays the Big Instrumental Hits (1959)
This cover looks just like "Holiday For Strings", but sepia and without all the lines. I'm guessing it's from some 60s movie, but I really haven't got a clue. Anyway, really like this whole album, it has the nicest version of "Lullaby of Birdland" I've ever heard. With a xylophone!

Who the hell are you?

Mr. Acker Bilk With The Leon Young String Chorale — Mood Fore Love (1966)
I mostly got this because Mr. Bilk had such a reluctant look on his face there. His eyes say "Who let this crazy b!#¢& into my house? Make her go away!" The other reason I got it was... it looked like 60s jazz with a clarinet and I recognised a few songs, so I figured it wouldn't be so bad.
Here's the best track — Theme from Madame "X"


POP goes the typeface

Various Artists — Pop Special (1963)
This is a really great compelation from Command Records. They're a pretty great label in general. Were, I should say. If you see anything with the Command logo on the top right, get it! Anyway, most of their cover art was very modern-looking and simplistic, I included this one in particular because it has some really cool typography (in my opinion anyway). I'll include a track soon too!

This looks like a fun party!

Alan Gardiner Accordion Band — Play It Again (1968)
Ever got something because you just knew it was going to be absolutely terrible? This is the equivelent of going to see some shitty low-budget horror movie just to laugh at it... It sounds about as good as it looks, but I had to get it!

Holiday for strings, whatever that means

Radio City Music Hall Symphony Orchestra — Holiday For Strings
Another great album. Very 50s pop-orchestral. I really like the  composition of the cover. In other words, I bought it because I'm shallow...

Here's a nice track called "Pavan".

f holes everywhere!

Yehudi Menuhin — Two Mozart Concertos
I found this excellent looking cover in a Fremantle Vinnies for 50¢! Couldn't resist. In case you thought it was weird, the holes on violins, violas, cellos and double basses are called "f holes", so I wasn't being rude!



Dynamic Brass — The Blue Velvet (1970)
That's one way to describe this album. It's pretty explosive from start to finish! And by far, one of the best op-shop finds I've had to date. I can't believe I find this kind of stuff for only $1! I say this with a very self-satisfied, sheepish grin. It's things like this, that make trawling through dross (Kamal) entirely worth the effort, you see...

Now to the track... When I was in Highschool — which wasn't so long ago, I might add — I studied Classical Guitar. One of the duets I played was "Two Guitars". Here is a brassy, jazzed-up version of it that sounds better than anything I ever played!


If computers could sing...

Christopher Scott — Moog Plays Switched-On Bacharach
Whenever I see the word "Moog", I pounce! The moog synthesiser is a wacky keyboard-type instrument that was quite popular in the late 60s/early 70s, just think Kraftwerk. It's a little cheesy and futuristic at the same time. I just love it. If computers could sing, this might be what they'd sound like! Now imagine all your favourite Bacharach tunes sung by this hypothetical singing computer. Brilliant!!!

"The Look of Love"


Pretty piano medleys

Charlie Kunz — Piano Medleys
In case it wasn't obvious, I bought it 'cause it looked pretty! Yes, I'm shallow.

No Leprechauns here...

David Curry's Irish Band — More Irish Rhythms
I don't have much to say about this one, really. It sounds okay for what it is, I guess? 


Another nice label from Vocalion, whoever they are. Again, I'm not that into male duets or anything to do with Ohio. Plus it's a 78, which I can't play, I don't have a gramophone. Hmm, maybe I should get one! 


I was looking through a Vinnies record bin today and saw this awesome looking label. I would have bought it too, but it was pretty scratched up and I'm pretty sure it only plays on a gramophone... which I don't have. But definitely worth a mention! 

Hey there, sexy lady!

The International Hits Orchestra — Lightly Latin (1968)
Welcome to the wacky world of Cheesecake! It's a term given to records that have a random hot lady on the cover, wearing various amounts of clothing. I have no idea where that term originated.

"Southern Festival"(below) is quite a good track. It's what I imagine the soundtrack of a 60s spanish spy movie would sound like...