The Mighty Emperor

Beethoven Piano Concerto No.5 "Emperor" — Friedrich Gulda, Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera (196?)
Just an extremely lovely classical cover. Again, I bought this last year, during the UWA Save the Children book sale. More covers coming soon!



Supraphon record sleeve
Another Supraphon record sleeve
Last year, during the UWA Save the Children book sale, I came across these really nice record sleeves. I don't know anything about Supraphon, but these look fantastic!
Cubist violin = AWESOME!!!


Fancy Feast

Sir William Walton: Belshazzar's Feast — The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
Yep, I got this just 'cause it looked pretty. I also found it in an op-shop! Well all I can say is, it looks pretty but sounds terrible. I like most classical music, but this is SERIOUSLY TERRIBLE!!!


Call the guards!

Tchaikovsky: Ouverture Solennelle, Capriccio Italien — The Concertgebouw Orchestra (195?)
I got this record during the UWA annual Save the Children book sale last August. I couldn't find a release date for it, but judging by the fantastic illustration and logos, it seems very 50s to me. I really love this cover. I'm also a Tchaikovsky fan too, so I didn't just buy it 'cause it looked pretty!

Surfin' with a twist

Twistin' 'N' Twangin' — Duane Eddy (1962)
Duane Eddy was already a "show business legend at 23!" According to the back of this album. He reminds me a lot of Dick Dale and the Deltones, part of the Surf Guitar movement of the 60s. Anyway, Twistin' 'N' Twangin' is absolutely fantastic from start to finish.

A1. Peppermint Twist

B.3 Moanin' 'n' Twistin'


A little off-beat

Off Beat Percussion — Don Lamond and His Orchestra (1962)
I actually went to a proper record store in Fremantle and paid full price for this baby, as opposed to the Op-shops I normally go through. It was one of the first Space-age Pop albums I bought, and boy does it pack a PUNCH! This is one of my favourite records to date!

The track we have today is "It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)". Yes, it's been done to death by soooooo many artists, but this version is fresh and different. It's the only version I can listen to over and over without getting sick of it!

Little Latin holiday

Machito and his Orchestra — Irving Berlin in Latin America (1959)
Hello again! I do realise it's been quite a while since my last post. Where have I been? Nowhere, I was just busy and then I broke my foot last month. FACEBOOK BROKE MY FOOT, to be more precise. Since I was practically house-ridden the whole time that probably would have been a perfect time to post more covers, but I didn't really feel like it. I preferred to watch TV online and make origami stuff.

So today we have Machito and his Orchestra. I just love this album. I found it for $2 it in an Op-shop many months ago. I just had to look at it to know it would sound totally kick-ass. The only thing wrong with it was that a small grand-child perhaps scribbled all over the back cover with a blue pen. But anyway, if you ever happen to find anything by Machito and his Orchestra BUY IT!!! That is if you like 50s Latin music of course!

This track is a lovely Latin version of "Blue Skies". It's a pretty song and I really like the Doris Day version too.