Xavier and Abbe

Xavier Cugat / Abbe Lane — Self titled
Abbe Lane with Tito Puente and his Orchestra — Be Mine Tonight
Today we have a little Latin treat... Xavier Cugat was a well-known band leader from the 50s and 60s. For 12 years, he was married to singer/dancer/actress Abbe Lane. So this track "Nightingale", is actually taken from "Be Mine Tonight" by Abbe Lane and Tito Puente and his Orchestra but it's on this compilation album "Xavier Cugat / Abbe Lane". I really wish I had "Be Mine Tonight"!

Here's a test to see if I can upload tracks I recorded onto my computer, to my Sound Cloud account, then to here! Hooray, it worked!!!


  1. cool track!

    hurrah, I've finally gotten round to checking out your new blog. it's nice!. I always liked the idea of just buying a record or cd 'cause it looks cool - and like, I look through all those boxes of albums that I've never even heard of, and I wonder can they all be that bad? or are some of them really good, and just never found the right market?

    Anyway, was wondering how you were recording your records to your computer? are you doing it directly, by linking the turntable output to the computer innput? can't really tell from the audio on your blog if you've got that figured out, but I guess you're smart enough to know that already :D

    See you soon in good ol' Perth!

  2. Well, I have myself a little shopping list of artists from the Space Age Pop genre that I always take with me to op-shops and record stores. However, I do stray off the list occasionally and end up getting some amazing stuff too. Like that "Lightly Latin" record. It worries me a little, that I have the same music taste as old people!

    Sometimes, I can sorta tell what they'll sound like just by looking at them... The typography and pictures usually give away they time period and if it's jazzy-looking from the 50s, it's probably really good and I'll get it. Plus, it's only a dollar most of the time, so it's not really a huge gamble!

    I bought a usb turntable online and I downloaded some free software to record from it, clean up the static and pops, and then convert the tracks to mp3s. I'm sure I can explain it all in depth when you get here lol.

    Anyway, I'm still in the process of making the blog look prettier, but I haven't had much time. What I have in mind should look good... I hope!!! >_<