Dynamic Brass — The Blue Velvet (1970)
That's one way to describe this album. It's pretty explosive from start to finish! And by far, one of the best op-shop finds I've had to date. I can't believe I find this kind of stuff for only $1! I say this with a very self-satisfied, sheepish grin. It's things like this, that make trawling through dross (Kamal) entirely worth the effort, you see...

Now to the track... When I was in Highschool — which wasn't so long ago, I might add — I studied Classical Guitar. One of the duets I played was "Two Guitars". Here is a brassy, jazzed-up version of it that sounds better than anything I ever played!


  1. Excellent ! Suena en mejores condiciones y las interpretaciones son super. Buena asquisicion.

  2. Hvala, Dijana! Molim Vas, kako bih dobio audio snimak pesme "La Golondrina" sa ovog albuma? Unapred Vam hvala!
    Regards and all the best!